For over 25 years Jetmax has been a valued partner to premier retailers worldwide based on our design, service, product innovation and quality manufacturing. We continue to provide our retailer partners with superior products based on knowing both what customers desire as well as what retailers should offer to maximize their results.

Depending on each retailer's strategy and needs, Jetmax can provide the support needed to package products under a retailer's existing private brand or speed up time-to-market by taking advantage of one of Jetmax's proprietary brands.

In order to propose the ideal product mix for a retailer to offer, Jetmax invests in knowing and anticipating design trends, emerging styles and constantly changing consumer preferences. The insights identified as part of our research process help us to define opportunity areas for new product concepts as well as to help retailers tailor their assortments to align with their target consumer audiences.

Jetmax immerses itself in the market by constantly surveying our core product categories across all consumer channels including brick-&-mortar as well as online retailers. We stay current on ever-changing consumer and market trends as well as how retailers are responding with unique product assortments so that our products as well as assortment recommendations contribute to desired sales results. We also regularly explore licensing opportunities that take advantage of broad marketing initiatives that promote and support popular characters and themes.