As a leading supplier of decorative outdoor products in multiple categories, our retailer-partners rely on Jetmax to anticipate emerging style trends and changing consumer interests. Our product design process includes regular surveys of core product categories at leading retailers to insure our products will appeal to their customers and deliver desired sales results. We also regularly explore licensing opportunities that take advantage of broad marketing initiatives that promote and support popular characters and themes. With a combined total of more than 50 retailer/category surveys conducted each year, our retailer-partners benefit from our understanding of what products will sell and what mix of products best matches their customer profile.

Jetmax follows a comprehensive and innovative design process that takes product ideas from concept through development and into manufacturing. We are constantly exploring innovative products which offer consumers new, exciting, creative options. We also explore innovative new design and manufacturing approaches which deliver the ideal combination of cost savings and high quality. Our goal is to deliver products which delight consumers in terms of creativity and cost.

A full breadth of manufacturing experience and processes under one roof means we are free to develop products based on any combination of production methods, processes and materials. Our integrated manufacturing capabilities maximize efficiencies and minimize hand-off challenges. This allows us to offer products which deliver the best possible quality at the best possible cost.